Game rules

  • 1.Naming:

    Offensive/racist names: Permanent ban

    Assumption of authority: Permanent ban

    Assumption of authority = Pretending to be a team member or being named similar.

    Users pretending to be a different user (e.g. to steal items) will be punished with a 24h ban.

    2.Account trading:

    Account/-EQ-trading: IP-ban

    Trading with paysafecards or similar as well as cross-server-trading is prohibited and will be punished with a permanent IP-ban.

    That also includes just the attempt to do any trade or offering your items for sale.

    3.Account security:

    Primarily each user is responsible for his account(s) on his own.

    Anyone shaaring his login data - even to his best friend - violates these rules and must deal with the possibility of losing items and such.

    Anyone lending oder gifting his items takes the risk of not getting them back. Nothing will be refunded!

    Since once in a while account lists of now closed servers are brought into circulation, we advise you to use individual ID- and password-combinations for each server.

    Hacked users whose IDs are to be found in public lists are not subject to further investigation (not presuming others are).


    1. violation: 3 hours chatblock

    2. violation: 6 hours chatblock

    3. violation: 12 hours chatblock

    4. violation: Permanent chatblock

    Insults are prohibited and will be punished. Users not able to contain themselves will recieve a permanent chatblock!


    1. violation: 2 day ban

    2. violation: 4 day ban

    3. violation: Permanent ban

    Every concious usage of a bug leads to a ban. A bug is every "error" of the game which brings any advantage.

    The usage of the VZK-/aura-bug without a weapon also leads to above sanctions after a verbal warning by any team member.


    Violation: IP-ban

    Any kind of hacks, bots (e.g. Teleport-Hacks, Levelbots, Dmg-Hack, Kick-Hack und Pick-Up-Bots) and macros are prohibited and their usage results in an immediate ban of all accounts (IP - ban).

    Every user is obligated to respond to a private message by any member of the team, while actively playing the game.

    7.Foreign advertisement:

    1. violation: IP-ban

    Foreign advertisement is forbidden and results in an immediate ban!

    The distribution of phishing-sites (e.g. to gain access to accounts) results in a ban without any warning.


    1. violation: 6 hours chatblock.

    2. violation: 24 hours chatblock.

    3. violation: Permanent chatblock.

    9.Demanding pushes by any teamler:

    1. violation: Verbal warning

    2. violation: 6 hours chatblock

    3. violation: 24 hours ban

    4. violation: Permanent ban

    All instructions given by any team member must be obeyed. Otherwise the user will have to face consequences.

    Killing a team member repeatedly may result in a penalty!

    All team members must obey these rules, too. Please report any non-compliant behavior to the GA or SA.

    10.Delaying clan wars:

    1. violation: 1 day ban

    2. violation: 5 days ban

    3. violation: Permanent ban

    All mounts are prohibited in any war.

    Disbandening your clan while a war is active is prohibited and will result in a ban.

    You have to follow any agreements made before the start of the guild war.

    Please note that we'll only act, if we have concrete evidence of someone breaking said agreements (e.g. agreeing to a 8 vs 8 guild war).

    11.(Attempted) Scamming:

    Violation: Permanent ban

    If a user tries to rip off or scam another user he will be punished accordingly.

    However, users falling for scams won't get any refunds.

    12.Propaganda against the server:

    1. violation: Verbal warning

    2. violation: 24 hours ban

    3. violation: Permanent ban

    Amongst other things propaganda means public account dissolutions or good-byes.

    If you want to say good by you may do so privately to the people you know.

    These penalties may vary at the discretion of the team member handing out the punishment

    13.Stealing mobs / rooms

    Stealing bosses is allowed, all other forms of PvP are not allowed on Levelmaps and Farmmaps.

    It's not allowed to drag the bosses away from their respective spawn. This will result in a punishment.

    14.Repeated killing

    This is allowed!

    15. Multi-account

    Every user may create up to 10 accounts.

    In case we find more than 10 accounts on one IP-address all accounts will be banned with only one being unlocked on request.

    16. PvP-Guard abuse

    The abuse of the PvP-Guard between level 1 and 15 is strictly forbidden.

    Any violation will be punished with a 24h ban.

    17. Dispell-Abuse

    The Sura's "Dispell" in combination with savezone fleeing is not allowed

    Any violation will be punished with a 12h ban.

    What do we mean by 'insult'?

    An insult is a statement or action by which a person may feel offended.

    This rule does not apply to words like "noob, idiot, etc.".

    What do we mean by 'defamation'?

    Defamation is the destruction of someone's esteem or reputation by making wrong accusations.

    This means:

    The distribution of lies to harm a person.

    What do we mean by 'scamming'?

    Scamming is e.g. if person A and person B conclude a verbal agreement and one person does not stick to it.

    We want to make fair play possible so scamming is not welcome.

    These rules are subject to change by any team member at any given time without warning or an announcement.

    Please check regularly if the date below has changed to check if the rules are still up to date.



    - 14.10.2019 / 19:55 pm -

    Bei Fragen könnt ihr mich gerne anschreiben.

    Feel free to message me on the forum or ingame if you have any questions.


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