MOD - Requirements

  • Dear forum enthusiasts,

    you'll need to fulfill the following requirements in order to be able to apply (and be accepted) as Moderator:

    • no sever forum infractions

    • at least 16 years old

    • impeccable spelling/writing

    • registered for 30+ days

    • 25 counted posts

    • Skype

    • Headset

    What is supposed to be in your application?

    • some personal information about you

    • your experience (as a moderator, board admin etc.)

    • Why should we choose you (Pikachu)?

    • the languages you are speaking

    • your online hours

    What else is worth noting?

    • you're not allowed to be playing on another server if you'd like to join our team
    • it's not that big of a deal if you're inactive ingame, since your main responsibility is the forum (keeping it clean and being available for an emergency or any kind of questions)

    Anything else is up to you!

    Please no C&P (Copy & Paste) applications! Those will automatically get removed.

    Here you can get to the applications: *Click*

    Applications, which aren't meant seriously, will be considered spam.

    Kind Regards,

    your Astreya2-Board Team

    Bei Fragen könnt ihr mich gerne anschreiben.

    Feel free to message me on the forum or ingame if you have any questions.


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