• §1 Naming

    Your name may not contain racist, pornographic or instulting terms.

    Furthermore, the name may only consist of letters (of the German alphabet), numbers, dots and hyphens.

    §2 E-mail address

    At registration a valid e-mail address must be entered.

    Accounts which are activated using a trash-mail will be deactivated by me manually!

    §3 Contents

    All content in this board (i.e. posts, signatures, avatars) containing sugestiv, racist, illegal or otherwise inappropriate content is forbidden and will be punished.

    §4 Spam, threadpush & double post

    Spam is only allowed in the spam-sections.

    Threadpush is allowed every 24h (VIP 12h) after the last post (including other users').

    Double post is only allowed for pushing!

    Excluded are the sections board-games plus subsections and the spam-section.

    §5 Report users

    To report a user you must provide a screenshot showing a sufficient part of your conversation to rule out any provocations.

    Even with short conversations the chat-window has to be maximized. Edited screenshots (including arrows, underlining and highlighting) may not be accepted in any case.

    The screenshot must be uploaded on any desired image-hoster and a thread in the given section must be created.

    The title should contain the reason for the report (e.g. "Insult") but must not contain any usernames!

    §6 Marketplace

    On the marketplace one may buy or sell items.

    You may only trade your own items. Threads promoting third party's items are not allowed!

    Also you may only create one thread for each prefix. Of course you may not promote the same items in those threads.

    Just as anywhere else, you may only push threads once every 24 (VIP 12) hours.

    §7 Closing and archive

    After 7 days without any replies a thread is closed, after 1 month it will be archived.

    If a thread was closed too early a moderator should be contacted stating the reason for reopening this thread.

    Closerequests may only be created by PM or the report-function.

    §8 Copied applications

    Users submitting a copied application (including their own reused one) will be disqualified in this and all future application terms!

    [align='center']§9a Account management - Prior to registration

    Every user may register exactly one account in this board. If two accounts are suspected of being operated by one person, both accounts will be terminated.

    After a ban no additional account may be created! Contact an admin using Skype or Teamspeak!

    If you play together with siblings or a partner or if friends are visiting this must be declared within 12h after the registration/visit in your profile under Personal Data -> Account checking (possible both while signing up and any time after that).

    §9b Account management - After the registration

    Not activated accounts (e-mail validation) will be removed permanently after 14 days!

    §10 Youtube-Promo

    Of course our video-section shall be used avidly.

    However you may promote your channel only after creating some videos for this server.

    Obviously it would be considered foreign advertising otherwise.

    Per channel and user only one thread is allowed!

    Also your thread must suffice as promotion. Additional postings of you videos e.g. in the shoutbox are prohibited.

    §11 Shoutbox

    Of course §3 of these rules do also apply in the shoutbox. Threadpush is not allowed at all (not even after 24h).

    Since there is a video-section you are not allowed to additionally post your videos in the shoutbox (see §10).

    Also the shoutbox is no marketplace. Please use the marketplace to trade or search items.

    §12 Rules

    These rules may be changed at any time without an announcement (however usually there will be one).

    In individual cases there may occur sanctions differing from these rules.


    Reason Points Expiration
    Spam 3 14 days
    Double post 3 14 days
    Posthunting 3 14 days
    Using a team-smiley 3 14 days
    Using a VIP-smiley 1 7 days
    Shoutbox spam 3 14 days
    Disrespect 4 14 days
    Extreme spam 4 1 month
    Offensive content 4 Never
    Insults 5 Never
    Foreign advertising 5 Never


    Sanction After ... points duration
    Signature block 5 7 days
    Avatar & signature block 10 14 days
    7 days ban 15 7 days
    Permanent ban 20 Permanent

    Kind regards,

    Your Board-Team

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