Account security

  • All team members are available exclusively via the Skype adresses given on their profile.

    Skype adresses obtained elsewhere are not to be trusted. They are usually fakes, which want to gain access to your account data.

    Support usually takes place ingame and in this board, limitly via Teamspeak and Skype.

    Even team members should never be trusted with sensitive data via Skype.

    No one needs to know your password. Ever.

    Only state your ID to a team member if needed to solve a problem via board or if neccessary Teamspeak. Make sure the Team members got the appropriate server groups.

    The admin-channels up top are usually for team members only.

    No one else needs to know your ID.

    You can't expect Support via Skype in general since it's usually handled IG or on the board.

    Additionally you should not use the same login data for multiple servers.

    Needless to say your boardname should not be equal to your ingame ID.

    If you follow this lead you'll always recieve the expected support and your account is save.


    Many violations will result in a IP-Ban.

    You have to keep in mind that every Account will be banned linked to that IP.

    That means, that every Account will be banned that had that IP connect last to any character.

    In case you have relatives or friends playing from the same IP, please ensure that they do not violate any rule.

    You are simply out of luck, if you get banned as well.

    We simply can't differentiate between multiple Players on the same IP.


    At the moment many servers are being hacked with account databases released.

    This means you should make sure to have safe passwords:

    • ID:
      Preferably you'd have an individual ID for every server. This is optional though.
    • Email:
      Never use the same password for your Email and Account. The best choice is to use a unique and long password for your Email.
    • Sicherheitsfrage:
      As usual: Always a different question and answer
    • Passwort:
      The password must be different on all e-mails, servers and elsewhere! That is the most secure method, because if you are using the same password everywhere someone hacks your less important p-server account and has also easy access to your de-account, Steam, etc. It is important to have a secure password. Your name plus birthday is not secure! Use a password generator to create one:

    I hope this saves some of you a lot of you their account or equipment. This guide is applicable to every server, game or website!

    Saving the password somewhere on your computer is also strongly advised against. Just save it to your phone or use pen & paper.

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